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Are you looking for a fast growing residential area that has all amenities within the convenience of your reach?

If so, Thomson impressions Singapore completes your search. Located in a serene area rich in aesthetic value in Sin Ming Avenue, Thomson impressions offer much more benefits to its potential buyers. The ultimate benefit of Thomson impressions is that it is nestled in a strategic position that allows residents to access the necessary amenities like schools, hospitals, banks and transport mediums.
Here are the top five benefits you will enjoy when you buy a unit at Thomson Impressions Singapore.
Schools and Learning institutions For those whose concern is the availability of schools in the vicinity, they are well taken care of. Thomson impressions is home to eight standard schools among them, Catholic high school, Ai Tong School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Peirce Secondary School. Additionally, James Cook University has a campus within the area.
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Your shopping experience is not set to end when you buy a unit at Thomson Impression Singapore. The area has three reputable shopping hubs. There are Sin Ming Plaza, Bishan Junction 8 and Thomson Plaza whose shelves will cater for all your household and commercial needs. Gainfully, these shopping centers are just 20 minutes drive or less from the development depending on your choice of transport.
Leisure and Recreational Facilities Thomson Impressions suits all the lifestyle needs of its potential buyers. Depending on what you like to do, you will meet recreational parks, leisure parks, sports fields and clubs. Most notable of these include MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Singapore Island Country Club. With these two, be sure that your nature walk, picnics and serene environments are guaranteed.
Eating Joints Enjoying a local dish and your drink of choice outside your house has never been this close to your house. There are several eating points within the are that serve both local and foreign dished at their best. Preference of such joints is given to Sembawang Hill Food Centre and Shanfu Food Centre. Additionally, local ingredients, spices and raw food for your home cooking are abundantly available at Kebun Baru Market and Food Centre, which is just 10 minutes drive by bus.
Unit Type and Prices The units at Thomson Impressions come in competitive prices and attractive sizes. There are one, two and three bedroom units. The units vary in size from 43sqm for one bedroom to 98sqm for three bedrooms. The prices average between $1, 639 – $1, 336 depending on the unit type and size.